DePaul Institute for Housing Studies

About the Data Clearinghouse

The foundation of IHS’s work is an extensive clearinghouse of property-level housing data that makes it possible to conduct in-depth analysis of housing market trends and conditions in the City of Chicago and surrounding metropolitan area. The data clearinghouse includes regularly updated, property-level data on:

  • Foreclosures
  • Property transfers
  • Mortgage recordings
  • Delinquent property tax sales
  • Real estate listings and sales
  • Multifamily rents and vacancies
  • Assisted housing stock

All of these property level data sets are connected to parcel-level data files from the county Assessors offices that include data on every parcel in the Chicago metropolitan area. All of these parcel-level data sets include historical data and are updated on a regular basis ranging from every week to every year depending on the data set.Additionally, IHS’s data clearinghouse collects data, such as:

  • U.S. Census data
  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data
  • Crime data
  • USPS vacancy data

Several of these data sets are now available for download at the IHS Housing Market Indicators Data Portal. Select data sets are available for multiple geographies. In Cook County, data are available for subregions and municipalities and City of Chicago wards and community areas. In Cook County, most data are also available for four different residential property types: single family homes, condominium units, two to four unit apartment buildings, and larger multifamily rental buildings with five or more units. For the rest of the Chicago region, data are available at the county and municipality levels. Because of data limitations in the collar counties, all residential properties are grouped. Learn more about these data sets, which subytpes are available on the Data Portal, and how these data can be used here

For technical assistance or data inquiries, please contact Sarah Duda at (312) 362-5947 or