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The work of the Institute for Housing Studies draws upon the extensive collection of data within the IHS Data Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse brings together public and private data on housing market activity, and IHS makes key indicators from the Clearinghouse available to the public through the Housing Market Indicators Data Portal and the IHS Cook County House Price Index.

Housing Market Indicators Data 

On the IHS Housing Market Indicators Data Portal, users can search for, view, and download 16 indicators of housing market health. Most indicators are available for the following geographies: Metro area counties, metro areas municipalities, Cook County subregions, Cook County municipalities, and City of Chicago wards and community areas. In Cook County, most indicators are available for four different residential property types: single family homes, condominium units, two to four unit apartment buildings, and larger multifamily rental buildings with five or more units.

The 16 indicators are divided into the following six data sets. You can learn more about each indicator and the data set it is a part of at the links below. 

The 2013 Housing Market Conditions Report provides an overview of recent trends in Cook County’s housing market based on these indicators. The overview divides Cook County into three types of markets based on long-term house price changes and uses these indicators to examine underlying activity within these markets. You can access the 2013 Housing Market Conditions Update here.

IHS Cook County House Price Index

The IHS Cook County House Price Index tracks quarterly price changes for single family properties in Cook County from the first quarter of 1997 to the most recent quarter. Downloadable tabular data is available with each release.

Learn more about the types of data that make up the IHS Data Clearinghouse here

IHS can provide customized data and analysis to housing stakeholders and other groups as part of its technical assistance program. For more information, please contact Sarah Duda at (312) 362-5947 or